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Locking Program Release + Justin Timberlake Dance (Can't Stop The Feeling)

Get ready to lock!  We just released a locking program so prepare to see some preview lessons pop up in the next few days.  In the meantime, here's a fun club-style locking video for you to groove to today!


How To Dance To What Do You Mean By Justin Bieber (EDM + House Dance Lesson)

In this EDM/House Dance lesson, we'll dance to "What Do You Mean" by Justin Bieber.  It's a popular song and rightfully so - the song has some clean and nicely produced house elements.  It has a faster tempo than Justin Bieber's other hit "Sorry", so we'll ease it up by using some less dynamic moves such as the Groove Step and the Train Pump - both are covered in my EDM/House Dance programs.  


How To Dance To Sorry By Justin Bieber (EDM Dance Lesson)

Justin Bieber Sorry Dance Lesson

In this EDM/House Dance lesson, we'll dance to "Sorry" by Justin Bieber.  It's a popular song and rightfully so - the song has a classic house sound do it.  It also has a slower tempo, making it a great pratice song for beginners.  We'll build into the song by doing half-jacking and jacking for the verse.


Ten Feet Tall (Afrojack) EDM Dance Lesson And Practice

EDM Dancers!

Many of you have messaged me wanting lessons with a higher difficulty, so here you go!  I'm also switching to a slightly new format.  Rather than release a whole program at once, I'm releasing individual lessons now.  This way, the release schedule is more consistent.  


The Toe Drag Lesson And Practice (EDM / House)

In this EDM Level 2 lesson, we'll do a trickier but rewarding dance move I call the Toe Drag.  It has several variations, but we're going to start with the front and rear toe drag to each side.  Remember, it's a freestyle move, so after you master it, you'll only throw it into a part of your dance for short moments as you switch through many different EDM and House Dance moves in the clubs!


House Dance - How To Move Your Hands (Spin Step)

Spin Step Hands

In this Level 2 House Dance lessons, we're going to go through some of the hand movements you can use for The Spin Step.  The Spin Step lesson can be found here.   Because of the dynamic nature of the Spin Step, the hand movements should match and be a bit more aggressive in nature.  



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