Wedding Dance Lessons


Wedding Hip Hop Real-Life Example (Video) + Testimonial

I received an awesome email and Youtube links from students Barry and Aini recently.  They recently renewed their wedding vows on their 10-year anniversary, and incorporated my wedding dance program into the after-party show starting with my slow dance moves for beginners and then breaking out into a hip-hop routine!  


The Top 3 Wedding Dance Mistakes Beginners Make

Jumping back to my Wedding Dance instructional video, here's an extra video I made covering the three most common mistakes I see with wedding and slow dances.  Specifically, I emphasize the biggest mistakes made for the basic 2-step, turns, and dips.  For the basic step, many beginners go into a double embrace I call the "high school hug".  It looks awkward and isn't really a dance.  I know many couples like the closeness felt in a deep embrace, but if you're doing a wedding dance in front of many people, a proper closed hold works much better.


Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance With Hip Hop Program

"Simple, Classy, And Contemporary Wedding Dance That Will Leave You Wishing The Song Would Never End."

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